Drinking hole in Leicester, originally a polytechnic college but now a hang out for people whose parents wanted their children to get into debt.
Not to be confused with Leicester University, an accredited educational establishment entirely populated by faggots who'd rather stay in and study than get drunk and urinate in public.
it's wonderful

"I failed all my A levels, and on the way to pick them up I forgot how to walk upright. So I went to DMU."
by CuntShunt November 14, 2011
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*DICK ME UP* Used as a command or question to ask someone if they want to fuck you or commanding someone to fuck you.
Hey Larry do you want to DMU around 8 o'clock? My place my parents arent home.
by Vansolik September 29, 2017
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A DMU stands for a Danny Meal Unit. One DMU is equivalent to 46 US Dollars.
Danny: Dude lets get something to eat I only want to spend 0.5 DMUs max
Ryan: Danny, you’re not fooling anyone man.. we all know you spend Atleast 1 DMU per meal
by Georgemichealbluth February 15, 2020
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