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Harry Potter slash fanfiction (if you don't know what 'slash' is...shame. shame. shame) in which Draco (Malfoy) tops and Harry bottoms.

DMHP: "The boy who lived whimpered and his face felt hot and screwed up against the pressure. Draco trailed more kisses against Harry's perspiring skin as he waited to feel the undulating inner muscles relax again. Again he felt Harry pushing back against him before the Slytherin was going to move. Draco's arms slipped up to warp around Harry's chest as he finally felt his skin melt into the other boy's body and he just held him for a moment as he rested his chin on the Gryffindor's shoulder. Something inside of Draco was constricting again, making him feel bewildered and lightheaded, and he pressed his temple against Harry's head as if it might clear the confusion.

Declining back against the pale boy, Harry brought his hands up to place them on top of Draco's. His body was slowly adjusting to Draco's length, but just being there under the stars, being held so tightly, without speech or movement, made Harry feel immeasurably happy. Bringing one hand up to his face, Harry kissed the knuckles in turn and smiled at Draco's quiet and almost helpless whimper."
-Change My World, by charlottesometimes
by dragon918 July 08, 2011
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