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โ€œDid you see that guy over there?!โ€ โ€œYas girl, he can DMD any dayโ€
by angry chloe February 19, 2015
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"Di Ma Da" dee.h - mah - dah

A Cebuano (Filipino) phrase turned acronym. Originated from the stressed students of society. Translated, it means "It's too much too handle", "I can't take it anymore" or "I can't do this". A common situation when spoken would be when a teacher piles a student with an astounding amount of homework paired with several tests, all due in the following days to come.
Student 1: Bai, musta naman? (Dude, how's it going?)
Student 2: Kapoy, bai! Nag-puno nasad akong maestra ug homework! Usa ka term paper, usa ka reaction paper dayon usa ka diorama pajud! Gi-atay. (Tiring, dude! My teacher piled me up with homework again! One term paper, one reaction paper and one diorama too! Shit.)
Student 1: Taya. Naa pud kay test noh? (Damn. You have a test too, huh?)
Student 2: Oo, tulo. Ahak, DMD najud. (Yeah, three. Shit, I can't do this anymore.)
by Cdusian #1782457834569237 August 21, 2010
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Doctor told me I need to lose some weight but I pointed out my high DMD and he quickly realized his mistake.
by Am13 December 30, 2013
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diet moutain dew.
the best pop ever made.
a light delicous soda:)
dude! i thirsty go get me some dmd!!
by Hayley2729 April 26, 2008
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Hoe: "I went over his house and all he wanted to do was watch Netflix and talk. I'm just wondering when hes gonna dmd already"
by avaellamarie August 29, 2018
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