Dias, to dye ones anal beard.
I'm just going to Dias my bottom pubes.
One should Dias that mess.
by TechNetiuM22 October 19, 2010
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Stands for dick-in-ass.

Usually refers to a female taking it from a male.

dude#1: "did u DIA-fuck that chick last night?"
dude#2: "nah, i hit her up pussy-style"
by the dip July 01, 2006
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The single best and important person in the world that everyone should be thankful for having in their life. And a person that makes everyday worth waking up for, also please disregard any negative definitions about this girl because those are delusional and objectively wrong
That Dia girl sure is amazing
by Dia’s #1 Fan April 21, 2019
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Designated. Idiot. Area.

The area in the club that generally attracts the bad dancers, retards, creepy peepers and every other type of douche/jackass/IDIOT.
"Do you need a drink?"

Nah I just wandered over to the D.I.A. and winked, next thing you know I got 5 drinks coming at me.
by the mamas (via papi) February 22, 2011
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Drown in a shower

Related to DIAF (die in a fire) but for those people who prefer to wish watery deaths upon people.
person 1: I hate you, diaf
person 2: yeah? well you should dias.
by mjollnir March 19, 2008
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a monkey of some sort usualy found at the islamic saudi academey looking and acting crazy as usual
catch that dia!
thats dia is wild
dia is found at ISA highschool
by mu3ath April 28, 2006
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