The shorten version of dont get me staaded.
used mainly when in a conversation on myspace or facebook when it comes to talkin garbage. Used by most blacks and some whites and mexicans but not by asians.
Blackone-Man DGMS
Blackhawk-dont get me staaded???
John-Yeee niggy..DGMS
by Criimedog420 April 01, 2010
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Also known as a famous clan tag on xbox live for call of duty modern warfare 2. The real clan is based on windsor california kids and you must contact either blackone012 and Buttercup0012. If you dont contact you will be shunned as a loser wannabee. If you do then DGMS us all the way. Also know that Mikey Puentes is a beaner. bLACKHAWK always gets us gets s started so we say dgms
Blackhawk-You guys are soo cool, im a beaner, DGMS
by Jew dont know me April 01, 2010
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also known as Dont'Get"Mad. Are a group of individuals who reside in the central valley of California. Fresno, CA originated.
Originally a graffiti crew. DGM grew and expanded to to be a terrifying gang capable of horrific crimes. DGM join forces with the MOBB in late 2008. The MOBB now consists of numerous groups, but still remains a close family.
"Damn, Here come some DGM's"..."So, there cool"..."No!, i owe them money"..."Oh Sh**, lets go!"
by Central Valley Violence June 10, 2009
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Dirty Glass Mafia - being called out for using a dirty beer glass.
Look how dirty this cunts glass is! #DGM
by #DGM Overlord April 05, 2020
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Vinnie - Who was your day ?
Bob - Dgms !
by walkermescc February 29, 2016
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Guy who re-upload shit to get views and subs
Hey! Are you DGM-PLAYZ because I think you're gay
by notdgm April 17, 2019
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