DGK(s)- Dirty Ghetto Kids
1.DGK, which stands for "Dirty Ghetto Kids", is a Philadelphia-based skateboard company founded by professional skateboarder Stevie Williams. Their main products are skateboards, wheels, and clothing. DGK is distributed by Kayo Corp, which is also the distributor of other skate companies such as Expedition,Gold Wheels,and Organika.
2. Kids who always seem to be running around with apparently no adult supervision. They can often be seen shoplifting ding-dongs, sodas, and candy in the local corner store. They have no respect for adult authority and will absoultely beat the shit out of your honor student. Furthermore its not a good idea to take them into your home out of sympathy as this is where you keep your valuables .

3. Your sister's kids.
ex-Bob- "Hey Rick stop at the liquor store I want to run in and grab some condoms before we hit the party, you coming in too?"
Rick- "Hell no Bob you see all these damn DGK(s)s around here? I dont want my Ipod to get jacked out of my car along with the airfreshener."
by Scarface_619 June 25, 2009
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Phrase/term created by skater stevie williams (n)
1. A Dirty Ghetto Kid
2. A skateboard company created by stevie williams gear torward more urban skateboarders
3. A skater, usually black or ethnic, who has a "ghetto" or "thugish" style despite the fact the he.she skates
1. That DGK got mad steez
2. My DGK deck has serious pop
3. Man check out that DGK, he ill kid
by marktwist June 19, 2005
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It's an acronym for 'Dirty Ghetto Kings' its a clothing line at stores like Pacsun and Tilly's .
Bro nice hat! What's DGK stand for man?
Dude it stands for 'Dirty Ghetto Kings'
by MrMau5Head May 23, 2014
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