Were all the romped out nortenos are, *559* central valley
Where u heading to?

Imma smash to del rey where all them red raging nortenos are...fuk scraps
by norte 4 life January 24, 2007
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The last name of iconic American pop star Lana del Rey and DRikardo AKA DJesus 519 defines this as a lifestyle and term used to mean your on that based heavenly godly Jesus based god vintage retro swag and fuck mad models and ride foreigns collecting mad rare binge crap and being extremely based like Lana del Rey or lol b the based god - Dario Ricardo Benites
I’m the king of this shit - bitch I’m del Rey , it also translates in Spanish to mean king
by ganjaabuser May 30, 2021
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A feeling characterised by sadness, yet happiness brought about by confidence in oneself(especially sexually).
I’m keeping the shirt that belongs to the guy that broke my heart because it makes me feel so sexy. It’s so Lana Del Rey

Q: How do you feel drinking that champagne?

A: Oh, you know. Just Lana Del Rey
by Brownie Vocal June 21, 2020
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Person: Hey look it's Lana Del Rey
Other person: You mean god?
by Stupid.idiot666 April 19, 2021
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