DCS: Standing for Dumb Cunt Syndrome, the three letter phrase is a means by which to represent disapproval of an action taken by a man or woman. It is meant to represent something that is extremely stupid, and generally reserved for a dumb woman.
"Ben: Wow! What is that woman's problem, she just cut me off? Colin: She suffers from DCS Dumb Cunt Syndrome."
by TheKing13 March 3, 2008
1) The District of Columbia, home of bad roads, rich kids, poor kids, good private schools, bad public schools, OK religious schools, where everyone wants to be black even AFTER the cops come.

2) The greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.
1) Rich white kid: Yo wassap, fo shizzle.
Middle-class black kid: Dude. You're white.
RWK: But I got me some bling-bling. Pass me that bowl.
MCBK: Sure. You owe me 200 bucks.

2) "I'm from DC."
"Really, so am I! I live in Potomac."
"Dude, I mean I'm from the REAL DC."
"Oh, yeah, you live downtown, don't you!"
by jorgath November 22, 2004
1: Abbreviation for the Nation's capitol

2: Abbreviation for Detective Comics, which is DC Comics' Oldest title and the basis for it's name.
1: Washington, DC

2:DC Comics is slightly redundant, seeing as how it literally stands for Detective Comics Comics.
by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
When used in MMORPG(WoW, Lineage, etc.), it means: "I was disconnected"
-What happened ?
-Sry, got DC
by RazielSR April 14, 2008
drum corp. consisting of snares, tenors, bass, and CYMBALS.
w00t!!jvdc 2002-2003
by Lino June 12, 2003
-the best skate company of all time!

-DC stands for dyrdek company ( Rob Dyrdek!)
-DC is munch better than element,flip,and hurley.