a girl with herpes.......
Did you hear that chicks damaged goods now..
Hey dont look now but damaged goods just walked in.
Too bad that girls damaged goods now, she was so hot.
by BB February 13, 2008
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Someone who has self harm scars and is afraid of getting into any relationship. However this someone only thinks of themselves as damaged goods. But they really aren’t.
Emily: I’m just damaged goods...
by ...13 December 02, 2017
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This is when you date someone (usually a girl) who has just recently been dumped by a guy. Usually when the guy dates the girl and then dumps her after a few days because he realizes she has appearance problems which he didn't notice before
Are you serious!! Dude she's damaged goods, you shouldn't even think about dating her right now.
by Samiz January 12, 2008
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A term used to explain a man's testicles after they have been kicked in the groin area!
OH MY GOD did you see her kick him? He's got damaged goods!
by Sornsen June 05, 2005
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A tumblr where a serious fat chick has photo-shopped herself to a size 6.....colors her eyes green even though they are a crappy brown......talks of nothing but sex & drugs....though someone would have to be seriously high to have sex with her. A total loser who actually believes that she'll never get called on her web pic lies....someone who actually believes that anyone would want to follow her on tumblr. A pathetic person who thinks she is just that cool even though 1/2 her questions & comments are sent to her by her.
by TheRealF'ingDeal February 11, 2011
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Used to describe in a tongue in cheek manner someone who looks terrible after a big night or weekend
Person A: you look terrible
Person B: Yeap...damaged goods...no refund.
by HappyAardvark April 30, 2009
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