Often miss-defined as large, a D-cup is actually the minimum size that can be considered a tit. Some men often believe that D-cups are too large saying things like, β€œanything larger than a handful is a waste,” these men are usually homosexuals.
β€œYeah d-cups are fun to stick your wiener between, but f-cups are even more fun.”
by IATED May 17, 2007
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big and saggy. not necessary.
her d-cups might fill out clothes nice, but by the time she's 40, they'll be at her waist.
by bayou August 25, 2006
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D cups- Cups with the ledder D on them.
Hey, David! I got you some d cups!
by Codyac November 12, 2006
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huge boobs that just get in the way. typicaly found on larger girls. if a girl looks good in a bikini and has D-cups, she's fake.
girl1: "Why isn't she running in the relay?"
Girl2: "she has d-cups"
girl1: "so?"
Girl2: "it hurts her too much when she runs"
by nanozim January 30, 2007
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The size of breasts that are bordering on unattractively large. Above average and usually not as good looking or easy to grope as smaller breast sizes.
-"Hey man, look at those boobs, that must be a D cup!"
-"sure, they're nice, all boobs are, but I wouldn't want to get up in there."
-"Good point"
by Jukedalon2 January 06, 2011
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Huge, unattractive breasts that resemble a pair of buttocks on the chest.
'Any girl who utilises breast enlargement procedures to change an A-cup or B-cup into a C-cup or D-cup is clearly deranged and should not be permitted to mate.'
by Kyle Lees February 03, 2007
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