The peak of human evolution, this group of specially gifted people have advanced more so than any other creature in all universes. A singularity among dimensions, possibly on par with god in intelligence and are literally, the smart class. Other mortals underestimate the potential that the D Class have, but they fail to perceive the pure intellect that resides in all of them. Their perception of reality block the truly ingenious things that the D Class members do, that they even become disappointed in them, all because their minds are too weak to really understand the D Class motives. Many mortals have tried to label the D Class, finally accepting the fact that the D Class is literally, the smart class. You may question why they haven't solved the worlds problems like cancer, homosexuality, feminism, terrorists, even fortnite but the only simple explanation is that they want the human race to learn themselves to become them. The D Class has a much deeper understanding of everything and all we can do s revel in the intellect, praise them as gods and hope that when anything happens, they'll be there to save us. D Class, literally the smart class.
Chad: What are you?
D Class: The D Class, literally the smart class
Chad: Oh God
D Class: No, Oh D Class
*Chad fucking dies*
by TiredNibba June 17, 2018
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