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The Czech national hockey team didn't win a medal in the last 5 years due to the Czech Hockey effect. After crushing the group matches, they get rekt by the USA (Russia or Finland may apply) in semifinals or quarterfinals, ruining the medal dream.

The Czech hockey effect = continuously hitting the rock bottom, failing miserably, or losing everything after a series of successful events. No matter how many attempts you make, your road to glory will eventually lead you to a shitter.
Joe: Bro, did you hear about what happened to David?
Richard: Yeah! He lost all the money he got from betting. Again!
Joe: Poor guy will never get enough for that car he always wanted.
Richard: Way too unlucky for a guy that actually plays poker quite well.

Joe: Yup, he really is playing the Czech hockey.
by Juan720 June 06, 2018
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