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An extremely awesome female exhibits an uncanny ability to find the humor in anything...this is characterized as a defense mechanism as she is usually very beastly
"Look at that Cyndel, she has an amazing personality...too bad she could break me."
by 2201 June 19, 2008
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a Cyndel is a Very Attractive Lesbian that lowers herself and travels across Ontario looking for "the one" but comes across nothing but troubled women. a Cyndel Runs back to what she is used to mostly between the Toronto Region and Ottawa, there are many people who have this quality,

a Cyndel Can Also Be a Scary Girl who enjoys punching People but has a heart of Gold
that girl keeps running back and forth for some lesbian who will never be good enough for her, wow what a Cyndel
by b4byf4c3s-b1tch December 28, 2010
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