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Moon; moon princess; moon godess; princess of the ewoks on the moon of endor in star wars.

A beautiful individual, who blooms color, vibrance, and energy. She is a person you can count on to make everyday magical! She spreads happiness and smiles. Eternally childish, but wise beyond her years. Has the gift of effortless love.
To see a Cyndelle is to catch a glimpse of the particles that truly create a rainbow, or the glimmering dew on a spring lawn. She is the graceful butterfly basking in the moonlight upon a forest floor mushroom.

She is the scale of good and mischief. The flow of emotions through the great season. The sunshine in the heat of summer, the first amber leaf to hit the ground in autumn. She is the snowflakes clinging to your eye lashes, and the first bloom popping out of the snow to signify springs sugared approach.
She is a pricless price of art. She lives in her own wonderland. To know her, and accept her gives you the courage to be completely free and at peace.
Watch out she sprinkles glitter wherever she goes.

a hippie; flower child; faery princess; a figment of your imagination.
I love starting my day with a dose of Cyndelle, no matter what she makes my day brighter!
by cynsininwonderland July 12, 2010
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