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The act of using electronic devices while defecating.
Co-worker Rashid: Man you were in the bathroom a long time this morning. What were you doing?

Co-worker Brian: Yea that was at least a 15 minute cybershit because the wifi reception in the crapper is terrible and I needed to generate a meme about the stupid shit you said in the team meeting.
by BigB August 16, 2014
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Drama and other 'shit' that goes online. Makes friendsgips sour and makes one anxious, upset, and annoyed by the drama.
BOY: Fucking A! That guy on -insert social networking site/game here- was hitting on my girl!

BOY2: Isn't he your cyber-bro??

BOY: Yea! Now I gotta kick his cyber ass and tell everyone he's a prick!

BOY2: I'll help!

**The two boys bash and trash the 'cyber-bro' all over the site until everyone is divided and on sides. At the end of the day, most people go to bed pissed, sad, upset, or crying at what has happened to all of them**

Cybershit = cheap drama.
by SickOfThatShit January 17, 2009
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