A girl with a flat ass and no tits
hey have you seen gina she's a literal Cutting Board
by thatonenigarboi November 17, 2018
When she took off her wonderbra, I found out she was a cutting board!
by KJMania August 26, 2008
When you take the truffle butter, and pack it onto a cutting board and cut it up into edible pieces.
Todd and Julie are infamous for pulling off a Philadelphia Cutting Board.
by Mebag January 31, 2016
1. To confess strong positive feelings for a female companion to her personally and insisting on a relationship whilst recognizing the high potential for rejection.

To tell a girl that you really really like her and asking her out while understanding that she might just flat out deny you.
Alex: Yeah, I really like her and I think I'm just going to tell her how I feel and ask her out.

Andy: If you really want to throw your balls on the cutting board like that, I guess it's up to you.
by DJBitz October 15, 2010