To be insulted in the worst way possible. To be cussed.
"I cuss you bad"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
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to utter offensive words in frustration or annoyance. Also used to gain social status
Jillian said, "People think cussing is a way for them to be cool. But its not!"
by done............... January 29, 2018
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to formally/informally take the piss out of someones life/surroundings/mum/dad/house/ho.
Your momma is soooo fat she cut her leg and gravy came out!
Your momma has got a padlock on her pussy and everyones got the key to it except your dad.
Your dads like father christms he only visits once year and always brings a "ho ho ho".
Your house is so dirty your hoover needs mud guards!
by cerebral March 15, 2003
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if your to afraid of offending someone by curseing so you substitute it with a pharse use ing the word cuss and the word it
Cuss-it, you kids with your hip-hop and mp3 players.
by D-Wreck March 31, 2005
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originally from Jamaicato curse out somebody;one sided argument
yo dont make me have to cuss you
by crissy3821782965873246 February 25, 2006
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A word used to replace an actual cuss word. uually kids use it whe nthey do not want tomake an adult cantankerous.
Child: Oh Cuss! I cut my finger grading cheese!

Mom: What did you just say?!

Child: I said Cuss mom.

Mom: Oh good child.
by jadeeightnine. May 15, 2009
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To go up to a person and swear non-stop.
Wut da fuck iz ur problem, bitch?! Ur such a motha fukkin ho! I can't believe u told him, shit, I swear i'm gonna fukkin kill u!!! U FUKKIN SHITSTAINED-CUMBUCKET!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!
by Missy November 01, 2004
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