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curv-sea.son\(kûrv-siːzən)\ noun. ext. of "curve/curved"(adj) Northern east-coastal American vernacular.

The time of year (typically after the March equinox & through the September equinox) in which the act of avoiding someone with half'assed excuses/flat out DISMISSING someone's advances - becomes rampant. Essentially, a "quick exit" when faced with being pursued by an unfavorable suitor. Often used as pick-up line - grenade - or ugmo repellent.

Lame excuses for the following, but not limited to...
• not wanting ANYTHING to do with you physically or romantically(present or future, while denying the past if any).
• having already gotten services rendered from you (be it free drinks/weed, a ride, money, oral sex, sex ect) and wanting you in their lives on more sporadic terms until more services are commissioned at a more convenient/(much) later date.
• clichés used when not wanting to get/be tied down in a serious/monogamous relationship.
• pacifying phrases given to a person in hopes that they're dumb enough to stick around while you're at play.

Synonyms; running game, letting down easy, brushed off, carried, stiff armed, getting phased out, (k)cattin' off"(-west coast).
Antonyms; Cuffing season
For an extensive on-going list of widely used, popular & CLASSIC clues to indicate when Curve Season may be upon you, see : twitter trending topic #CurveSeason
(Provoked & possibly coined by hiphop artist Joe Budden)

• "I have to work/church in the morning"
• "But I can't, my FRIEND likes you"
• "my phone died/didn't have any bars"
• "I didn't Ignore your call, I was asleep"
• "I can't give you my # but I'll take yours"
• "I DID call you back, your phone sucks!"
• "That's my mom on the other line"
• "lemme get your #" ; their response: "just add me on facebook!" (you requested them & got denied OR they only give you limited access w/their wall blocked)
• "I think you have the wrong number"

• "I would only hurt you"
• "I see you as a brother/sister"
• "I have a boy/girlfriend"
• "My roommate is drunk, I have to take care of them"
• "I'm on my period(for the 2nd time this month?)"
• when at a bar/club, typically AFTER a drink has been procured/consumed "I'm going the the bathroom. I'll be RIGHT back!"(she won't be back)
• "Nah, I don't take THOSE kind of pics, but you can send me one of you"
• "Ay beautiful, what's your name?" "Gretchen."

• "I didn't know we had plans"
• "i JUST masturbated... damn"
• "Que? No hablo ingles.."
• "I have cancer"
• "Im gay"
by @eee April 07, 2011
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