This type is only unique to Singaporeans as it is a type only served in Singapore’s McDonald’s branches and this sauce is loved by many Singaporeans. Singaporeans would go crazy for these sauce that if it were sold, it would run out in the first hour. (From my experience)
Wah, if you dip the nugget with curry sauce confirm nice one!
by Unsynced October 7, 2020
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When you get hot on a basketball court that you start to make every shot in front of two defenders
Double Curry Sauce
by WillFree September 3, 2010
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similar to double curry sauce except you live it like a lifestylee. every where you go everyone knows your rockin on your double curry swag.
chris always has his double curry sauce swag on! - correct

christain never has his double curry swag, he is so ugly.
by mikeclit September 6, 2010
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When you pour spicy curry powder on a woman’s vagina and perform cunnilingus on her until the burn goes away, while she’s menstruating.
Dude, Bailey and I were hammered last night, and I ate her Curry Sauce.
by popewood18 October 14, 2021
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