a curry bunny is a kinder version to tandoori rabbit. no part of the rabbit actually gets eaten. you go to an Indian restaurant and ask for curry bunnies and you will be served with bunnies tied to skewers- still alive with the fur on. you also get a bowl of your favourite curry sauce served with the cute fluffy skewers. you take your bunny and dunk it in the curry (its warm, not hot so the creature wont get scaulded) then eat the curry off the bunnies. simple. then when your finished and the bunnies are all stained and a bit fed up, the waiters take them into the kitchen and wash their fur and blowdry it ready for the next order
A- i'm so hungry, lets go to the Jarna.
R- yamyam! ok!
Waiter- *tet tet* your order, yes plese?
Waiter- *tet tet* lop eared or regular?
R- lop eared cos they hold more curry
by shewhocannotbenamed November 13, 2008
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