The thing all of humanity has been looking for because we all want Cancer to jump off a microwave.
DUUUUUUUUUUUDE I found the cure for cancer!!!!

Rlly? What is it?

More Cancer :D

(search up cancer cell dies because it developed cancer and died)
by ur mom gei like ali a February 19, 2019
A seemingly impossible accomplishment that everyone wants to see happen, but no one knows how to achieve.
Random Guy #1 "Holy crap, Budweiser just invented a hangover-free beer!"
Random Guy #2 "Wow. What the hell's next, a cure for cancer?
by SnipeYou September 1, 2006
A medicine which will prevent or reverse the effects of cancer 100%. Sadly, it has not been found yet.
1. They are raising money to find the cure for cancer.
2. Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.
by AllisonL November 25, 2007
A statement made by dumb people regarding scientific and medical research or progress. Due to the individuals lack of understanding, they assume that diverting resources to scientific pursuits is pointless unless its about solving a problem like curing a disease.
Who cares about funding NASA's next space project, it can't cure cancer or anything important.
by Stan Rezaee April 16, 2016
A female who has a behind that is so exquisite it could potentially inspire one to develop a cure for cancer.
Ethan: Dude do you see that girl over there with the nice caboose?
Matt: Dammmmnn, Becky's got an ass that could cure cancer.
by circuitlicker47 April 23, 2021