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CUPE is a large union in Canada that represents civil servants. Civil servants by nature are lazy good for nothing bums that feel they are entitled to extremely generous salaries for doing incredibly simple work. People that get jobs at city hall or for any government are too lazy and incompetent to cut it in the private sector. They spend their paychecks foolishly on trips to resorts in Mexico, electronics and no doubt they kick back half a dozen Tim Horton's every day.

CUPE shows complete disregard for the victims of their strikes. In Toronto, they went on strike at York University forcing students to miss a semester of school without being refunded. The municipal workers in Toronto also went on strike in the summer of 2009 creating massive cess pools of trash in city parks. The issue the city workers fought over was to have 17 sick days per year and for those sick days to roll over to the next year if they did not use them. These people are fighting for a tool to cheat the system and receive extra long vacations. In Windsor, the municipal workers went on strike so their future employees would be guaranteed pensions at a time when the auto companies had to give up such benefits to save their companies. The communist civic workers pissed off the public by picketing the local hockey arena during Spitfire games, blocked traffic and city buses throughout town and bullied local businesses to try to stop them from cleaning out the garbage in their own establishments. These slime ball union members think their salary money grows on trees and that they somehow deserve all sorts of benefits for their poor work of bureaucratizing the world. They are the reason that 40 percent of your paycheck goes to the government. Next time you go to the ballot box, think about how inefficient these 9-5 coffee guzzling cockroaches are at using your money and vote for someone that will bring in private contractors who will do a better job for half the cost. Less government is the answer to fighting communism.

There is no doubt that the Canadian government is much too big and is full of good for noting CUPE types that suck out way more money than they deserve. Slashing these meaningless jobs would lower taxes and ease restrictions on private enterprise allowing business to flourish.


CUPE has proven that communism is alive and well in Canada.

The world would be a better place without these scumbags.
by communist-hater July 30, 2009
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