n. More commonly referred to as a "Cup", it is a member of one's perferred sex whom embodies perfect, or near perfect, physical and aesthetic attributes.
Did you see that girl? She was my cup of tea. I think I'm in love.
by mrgnfnx February 17, 2009
Taking the slide out of a freshly hit bong, and inhaling the smoke emitting from the still burning nug.
by IfearSys April 16, 2013
code word for "having sex" used mostly when around people you dont want to know about your sex life
Me and Andy Bob had a cup of tea while watching Brooke Knows Best the other day. It was the best cup of tea I've had in awhile!
by lindstina September 21, 2008
An orgasm.
'Chris made me a cup of tea'
by IWant... September 23, 2008
Often times asking for a 'Cup of Tea'is a reference to smoking a bowl of Reefer. This term was especially popular in the 60's and 70's. The Beatles are well known for referring to their habit in this manner.
'Would you like to share a cup of tea?'
by Hanley April 5, 2006
Expressing ones into-it-ness of a person(s) of the opposite sex.

Can also be used as a verb expressing sexual acts between the speaker and the person(s) in question. Typically, it is known as having his or her cup a' tea.
"Dude, I'd have her cup a' tea any day", "Werd."

"Man... totally cup a' tea", "Ya ya!"

"Not my cup a' tea. Totally frumpytown", "Naa, dude. I like em' frumpy!"
by Aaron & Nathan February 1, 2006
If you are British and you don't drink tea, I will find you and boil you alive in a massive Cup of Tea