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CUNTY BOLLOCKS : A Paki / Haji store clerk that leers rudely at you, as if you are going to steal; or follows you around the store to keep you from shop lifting
1. Where did you get that fifth of vodka from J.O.B.
Oh I got it from Cunty Bollocks's on 63rd and Naragansette

2. I had a hard time lifting the vodka ole Cunty Bollocks was eagle eyeing me the whole time.

3. Cunty Bollocks was on a tear after catchng a pollock stealing a bottle of rum
by Chicago Micky Fitz May 07, 2012
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Derogatory term reserved for someone who has pissed you off. A right idiot. Someone who's full of himself (see "delusional" entry above).
Cunty Bollocks over there has really messed this up. He should never have been hired!
by Markus Aurelius May 19, 2006
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a jacko, scab, scavenger.... the bloke with deep pockets and short arms who miraculously dissappears when its his round.....
wheres cuntybollocks? i wanna drink
by tommo April 13, 2004
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A man who's trousers are pulled up so tight around the crotch that his testicals hang either side of his trouser seam similar to a females camel toe.
His trousers are pulled up so tight you can see his cunty bollocks.
by N.P.D February 24, 2009
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Exstreme abuse meant to humiliate and alienate
Police Officer "Can i search you?"
Liam Gallagher "Fuck off Cuntybollocks!!"
by rudi October 28, 2006
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One who is delusional about one's status,
M White Is A Cunty Bollocks
by Steve Morriss March 03, 2004
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A person who locks their car keys in the car, when there is an important football match to attend.
I don't need an example just relate to it.
by Unitedjibber August 03, 2005
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