It is the term used when a person is being so much of a cunt, that he or she may as well be 8 or 9 cunts.
Dude, Jamie was such a cunt-bucket today, he asked me and my friends so many questions about our personal life.
by Donot trustme July 21, 2015
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This term refers to someone excessively cowardly to the point that you can't just call them a pussy
Trevor is such a cunt bucket, he can't fight without his "SQUAD"
by Black Lightning69587 November 23, 2016
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(1) A car marketed to and driven by a woman.
(2) An SUV going annoyingly slow in a parking lot.
There goes Frank driving around in his wife's cunt bucket.
by B. H. McNultey November 18, 2007
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(1)a word used when refering to idiots
That fuckin cunt bucket just stole my parking spot!
by RedLinLit March 27, 2009
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Group of nasty smelling, sloopy locking vaginas. Which no guy wants to stick his dick in.
Your ugly fatass ass mom and her fat freinds are a group of cunt buckets
by REM19931116 October 23, 2010
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