The Ball on the ring of a female genital piercing.
I was bangin' that girl so hard her cunt ball popped off.
by Jessi_Cat May 10, 2012
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When you are dejected. Alternate to saying "Shucks" or "Muther fuckers" in frustration. Instead, say, "Cunt Balls!".
1. Kevin realizes he forgot his ID at the airport security gate.."Cunt Balls!"

2. Kevin in front of a judge for speeding, asks to have fine reduced. Judge: "You will pay the maximum fine"
Kevin: "Cunt Balls!"

3. Kevin parked his car in NYC without plugging the meter for a quick coffee and bagel run. He returns to find a parking ticket. "Cunt Balls!"
by Kevin Side of Bacon August 5, 2010
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a bitch ass hoe who acts like she dont wanna suck yo dick but you know she want it
Guy: hey u wana suck my dick?
Hoe: ew no, go away.
Guy: i know u want to tho, such a cunt sucker ball.
by killdkilld September 24, 2017
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Male: For a male, it is when your balls are sunk into your body, due to cold water or weather, and the left over skin from your balls looks like a cunt.

Female: For a female, it is when your vagina is so meaty, it looks like a sack of nuts.
by Frank V. (Smokey) June 3, 2006
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