generally, a fellow who avoids Halloween parties in favor of pseudo intellectual gatherings, and of course, is a douchebag =)
That Kevin isn't showing up tonight? What a cuntball!
by zeroeth October 30, 2010
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someone who has attained supreme doucheyness. this person can also be classified as an asshole, fucktard, dipshit, or dumb fuck.
Kirby: Dude, Kelsey, help me with this now! *glares at Kelsey*

Kelsey: Kirby, shut the fuck up. You can be such a cuntball sometimes. *gives Kirby dirty, annoyed look*

Kirby: Huh???????? *looks at her in a dumbfounded way*
by xXMikaGailXx February 15, 2010
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Cuntballs is the result of intercourse between a mans balls and a woman's cunt. the balls are irreversibly stuck in the woman's vagina.

The only way to free the man is to remove his balls preferably with a rusty piece of metal. the balls will remain inside the vagina permanently.

The woman's vagina is now known as Cuntballs instead of the cunt.
Elisa: hows your asshole going?

Joe: Good thanks, how are your Cuntballs going?

Elisa: They're a bit itchy but otherwise pretty good
by Qw3rtyman January 08, 2010
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When you are dejected. Alternate to saying "Shucks" or "Muther fuckers" in frustration. Instead, say, "Cunt Balls!".
1. Kevin realizes he forgot his ID at the airport security gate.."Cunt Balls!"

2. Kevin in front of a judge for speeding, asks to have fine reduced. Judge: "You will pay the maximum fine"
Kevin: "Cunt Balls!"

3. Kevin parked his car in NYC without plugging the meter for a quick coffee and bagel run. He returns to find a parking ticket. "Cunt Balls!"
by Kevin Side of Bacon August 04, 2010
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a woman who is more "ballsy" than a man.
Paul is such a little bitch, but look at his girlfriend's cuntballs.
by jeanagat January 16, 2017
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