The act of having a convulsion like reaction immediately after having an orgasm. This usually means the orgasm was very very good.
After the orgasm, I began to have a cumvulsion as my body twitched and jerked uncontrollably.
by FrankieV September 02, 2009
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to cum so hard that your whole body convulses.
Dinesh cumvulsed so hard when he and Wendy 69-ed that he fell off his red couch.
by lunaissleeping2 February 07, 2011
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That blissfull moment during a bj when you start to orgasm and the girl starts sucking harder and your head and legs start involuntary shaking.
You start cumvulsions like your dick is licking a nine volt battery.
by The Moose on fire December 06, 2013
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