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A spooge-filled condom, usually haphazardly tossed upon the floor.
Hey did you remember to uncuff the clow-GOD DAMN IT I'VE STEPPED ON A CUMSLUG.
by ZeeMox August 09, 2010
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Noun, a thick white glob of semen that resembles a slug.
I blasted her with a cum slug in the face and marveled at how it appeared to crawl toward her chin.
by tounginasscheek June 12, 2013
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Globules or strands of stray cum which might have travelled further then you thought & thus don't get cleaned up, which once dry look it / resemble a slug!
Ken "I had a good wank the other day in my mums room, I thought I'd cleaned all the cum entrails up but a few cum slugs had formed on the wall which I hadn't noticed!!"

Frank "what happened, did you mum find them?"

Ken "yeah & it wasn't the first time she had found my cum slugs, so I was in deep trouble!!"
by Lord_of_ Words October 21, 2010
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The residue dripping out after having anal sex and letting your partner ejaculate into your rectal passage
Max: Mmmmm, I've got some drippage! Must be a cumslug!
by Team dbag August 14, 2008
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can be used as both a positive or negative phrase...
Positive: 'Wow...check out that piece of ass, shes a real cumslug'
Negative: 'I can't believe you shagged that greasey minger you cumslug!!!'
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