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When ejaculate in short bursts and then suddenly unleash it all over.
by My mom Is a Ho Bag March 30, 2011
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When you tell a guy that you will suck him off but not to cum in your mouth but he decides to do it anyway you look up at him with a smile and spit spray all of his cum on him
I told him not to cum in my mouth cause i had a sick stomach from drinking to much.. but he came in my mouth anyways and i was pissed so i became a cum sprinkler
by agentjrt January 03, 2016
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When you see chick that is so hot, you cum on site. the cum is so strong, it goes all over the place similar to that of a chick chick water sprinkler.
Rich: Sorry about cumming all over your yard Eric, but that chick jogging down the street was just so hot!
Eric: WTF Rich! She turned your penis into a cum sprinkler.
by RiddyTX June 25, 2015
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