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When your dick is harder than a diamond in a ice storm and your member is hot and loaded for that sweet sweet puss and you shoot your baby batter at a designated target with supreme accuracy
Timmy shot Susan in the eye with his throbbing cum gun
by Tall,dark,and Sticky December 05, 2018
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the penis of a young stud, ready to shoot off a wad
She unzipped his pants and slowly pulled out his loaded cum gun.
by Loretta La Rue April 20, 2003
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The art in which you ejaculate into the barrel of a gun without any bullets and then shove it up your girlfriends ass and pulling the trigger.
John: Yo i did a cumgun last night.
by Maxamoose7 June 19, 2019
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A penis where ejaculate shoots out like you a prisoner escaping from Vietnam
Damn! Are you Vietnamese because you’re shooting like a cum gun!
by I’m from chaventry February 08, 2018
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