Taking "spooning" to a whole new level. Requires 5 people to do so. One person lays on their side, while 2 more people are stacked on top of that person in the normal spooning position. Then 1 person gets in front of the bottom person; also in the typical spooning position. Then the last remaining person spoons the other side of the bottom person. Forming a cube-like structure of spooning.
Guy 1: Dude. Lisa, Kelly, Rafael, Rachel, and I all started cubing last night.
Guy 2: What the hell is cubing?
Guy 1: It's spooning with 5 people, ya douche.
by OneTrippyHippie April 08, 2010
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Cubing is a strategy in a lil game know as warcraft3. its is where you build a shitload of defense and wait behind it until all the gold on the map is gone. during this time your heros will get hih levels bc other people who play this game are complete idiots. you have to be human be the archmage blizz can take out seige attacks. i am a badass. yea, suck it. n00bs
Yea that gah cubed then beat me at the very end of the game. What a wate of 2 hrs.
by VividKingOfEden January 21, 2005
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The sport of solving different 3D puzzles including 3x3, 4x4, pyraminx, and lots more.
Me and Nick went to the cubing comp and saw a dude solve a 3x3 in 5 seconds
by Dubiks May 30, 2019
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An activity or hobby: people, who usually call themselves cubers or speedcubers solves rubik's cubes, or similar puzzles.
Their ,,goal" is to solve each puzzle faster, however everyone knows they just want to look cool.

They are 90 per cent virgins.
Competition(s) for cubing: there are several, but the official competition is called WCA aka world cube association.
Guy 1: -What is the most useless activity in the world?
Guy 2: -cubing
by Csiksz March 31, 2020
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When a group of 3 more or more friends sit down together to play a card game. Most commonly used with Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering players.
John: So we gonna do some cubing after work tonight?

Steve: Most likely. Think there's some new booster packs we gotta open first.
by Casimus Prime April 23, 2019
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