A person with a weak grasp on cryptocurrency/blockchain applications, yet has formed very strong opinions on the "best" ones. Often observed parading their involvement in crypto and arguing with other crypto bros.
Crypto bro twitter bio: Entrepreneur. #HODL. $BTC. Living life in the clouds. Gym rat.
by VinixxiniV January 1, 2018
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A young man on twitter who is an absolute hype beast for crypto-currencies and makes long term predictions, often backed by memed and self-fulfilling financial charts.
crypto bro: Dudes buy $WAX it's going to moon tonight, +50% easily insert hamster on rocket gif
by BitLord December 21, 2017
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A nerd with too much spare time and video cards. Thinks he is smarter than you because he buys and resells burnt forests. Will ignore any meaningful arguments against what he does by repeating something about "serious business" 1000 times.
Person 1: I heard Jeremy bought new video cards to mine Ethereum! He says that it's serious business and that he's gonna get rich...
Person 2: Gosh, Jeremy's such a crypto bro...
by Ell22 November 10, 2021
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Bro Cryto is a bro who hustles crypto currency for a living. brocrypto.com
Like a BRO' ....... Bro Crypto! brocrypto.com
by Bro Crypto October 22, 2017
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