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A cult that worships useless links on the blockchain, whose participants sacrifice energy and ecological well-being of the planet instead of their own money. Presents itself as scientific and intellectual, but requires one to believe in certain things (such as that some digital image copies mean more than the others because the blockchain says so, and that everything can have value as long as it is unique, no matter how meaningless). Members are prone to thinking they are too big-brained for traditional collectibles, religion and normal hobbies, and will demean you or try to tell you to "educate yourself" or "do your research" when called out on their BS. As of now, it is also supported by several celebrities and especially billionaires, such as Elon Musk, making it the most influential celebrity cult since Scientology.
Person 1: Tim's been acting so strange lately. He keeps talking about "new ways of building community", and "creating a value in things"... Do you think he joined some religious sect?!
Person 2: *sighs* Worse. He has joined the NFT community.
Person 1: OH MY GOD!!!
by Ell22 November 22, 2021
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A nerd with too much spare time and video cards. Thinks he is smarter than you because he buys and resells burnt forests. Will ignore any meaningful arguments against what he does by repeating something about "serious business" 1000 times.
Person 1: I heard Jeremy bought new video cards to mine Ethereum! He says that it's serious business and that he's gonna get rich...
Person 2: Gosh, Jeremy's such a crypto bro...
by Ell22 November 10, 2021
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