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The face that one makes when feeling completely embarrassed, otherwise known as crusty. This face differs from salty face because when hears salty face, you look at whomever said those horrible words with a look of misunderstanding and beat the crap out of them. When one hears crusty face, they immediately start crying and rocking back and forth in the fetal position because you were humiliated so badly.
Megan: Hey you guys... Did you see that really pretty girl totally shoot down that loser?
Jackie: Yeah.
Abbey: Totally
All three: CRUSTY FACE!
by Jayy.M July 31, 2009
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when your face gets so dried that it begins to crust and crumble; crusting of the face.
Ew... put some lotion on your face, you look like Erica Rosenbloom!
by lower merion February 14, 2005
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Someone who has an utter crusty face. Other things that can refer to this is crustifer or flaker
Oh dear that man has a crusty face better give him some E -45
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by Rasib Spearbum January 23, 2017
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