When you are high, drunk, and have a snus in, named for the combination of crunk and snus.
George: dude, I have some snus, want to
go on a crus?
Greg: Sure, I'll bring the booze and weed
George: yeeeeee
Greg: I haven't gone crusing since my baby momma stole all my dro

drunk crunkweedpotsnustobacco
by Thesh0e February 5, 2010
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Crused is a Word that the Popular NBA 2K Youtuber Nadexe uses a lot.

It can translate to something out of place, or messed up in a way, or broken in some way
My Buddy Broke his neck the other day, He got his shit Crused
by MigosFan February 11, 2018
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To describe something bad or unfortunate.
"Oh the new Xbox sold out? That's cruse... "
by KingJNB23 December 24, 2020
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When something is messed up or looks wrong. Can be used to roast people.
That girl in my class is ugly, so she is crused.
by Slippery ButterZ January 2, 2018
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Cruse is another word for someone that is Cute or attractive.
Look that person is Cruse
by canak willis October 1, 2020
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everything thats cool combined into one word
dude that movie was hella crusee
by hellamuffinyee January 9, 2011
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