A crunchy taco is an adult word for when a lovely lady takes a swim or perhaps a surf in the ocean and happens to get a little sand in her lady parts...and before she gets all clean, she gets a little “down time” from her generous partner....the partner then gets a crunchy taco.

Who doesn’t like salt? And it means she’s active not dirty. New way to use the word “Salty”.
Hey Steve what did you do last night?

“First I had a crunchy taco, then I was starving so me and my lady got some street tacos.”
by Janine LaSalle February 04, 2018
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When a womans clitoris is very dry its like a crunchy taco shell
Joe: “aye man you hooked up with that girl right?”

Jason: “Yeah man but she had that crunchy taco.”
by Snapeballs February 25, 2019
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Repeatedly bust a nut on a woman's cunt.
Let the man milk dry and become "crunchy".
Now its time to get down and dirty and eat the woman out.
I met a bitch last night who was so freaky that she let me eat her crunchy taco.
by sloppytaco007 November 26, 2007
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