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crumpulent/v/n: Crumpulent, a word for the rowdy. The word crumpulent can either be used in a noun form or verb form.

Over many years..*cough* I mean months, crumpulents definition has been argued, and as the maker of this word even I have a hard time explaining the meaning.

But one thing ido know Crumpulent basicaly is another word for cool. To be used when somthing the upmost cool, awsome totaly terrific happens. You can call your friends Crumpulent, that means they're the coolest, most awsome, sweetest friends in the whole wide world!

"Dude that was so crumpulent!"
"See you my Crumpulent friends!"
"Hello my Crumpulent friends!"

and so on.
Use this word in the upmost respect!
by Kathryn Powell February 08, 2006
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