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Crow rats are a bunch of junkies who hang out in the Crowfoot area everyday of the week. Crow rats are usually involved in some kind of illegal activity. They either smoke green, do some type of disgusting drug behind the Crow Dons and Tim Hortons, or steal. The term crow rat is usually attached to a person who is going down going down a very dark path with the wrong crowd.
Don't be scared of Farris, he's biggest crow rat you'll ever meet!
by The Crow Rat Terminator September 02, 2017
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Someone who is to stay in crowfoot everyday of the week, chilling either at dons or fucking around.
Nathan is a crow rat
by ethan fukd ur aunt July 06, 2017
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A person who spends everyday hanging in crowfoot, either at "crowdons" (crowfoot mcdonalds), or smokin some green behind Tim Hortons.
Kirk Francis is a crow rat! Who would have guessed?
by Rustle my jimmies July 30, 2017
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