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A man who will stuff the crotch area of his pants (often with socks) to enhance the look of his package
Oliver: Man... does Steve even think that looks real?
Tom: I guess so... he's such a crotch stuffer
by helloworld1345 February 18, 2010
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Modestly endowed male who, to avoid embarrasment in changing and locker room situations, uses items such as socks and tissues to create the bulge that his small sexual organs never could.
Jon "I saw Ernie in his underwear after soccer practice, it looked like he's finally grown!"
Rachel "no he hasn't dude, i saw it all last week. Iv seen new born babies with bigger balls than that crotch stuffer."
by Kolomarc August 28, 2006
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to stuff things down your pants to make your penis look larger.
martin is a crotch stuffer
by gareth robson June 10, 2005
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