In professional wrestling, a crossface is a move that involves you crossing your arms across your opponent's face. See STF and Crippler Crossface.
"He's got him locked in a crossface-like manuever.."
by Sezril February 3, 2004
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A wrestling move only used a small handful of times but was forbiddden accross all wrestling promotions due to it's insanely high power level. Hands down the most powerful submission in the sport's history.
Did you see WCW Legend Kevin Nash tap to Sid's Crossface in two seconds?

Wow even former UFC fighter Tank Abbott had no choice but to tap to it!

There is a verse in the master recording of Rick Astley's album where he says he would give up for the Sid Crossface.
by The people's Anon November 30, 2021
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In professional wrestling, the wrestler Chris Benoit uses a type of crossface called the Crippler Crossface.
"Chris Benoit has sharp moves, including his snap suplex, his sharpshooter, and most of all, his Crippler Crossface,"
by Sezril February 3, 2004
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Much like the concept of the common donkey punch. When performing anal sex with your spouse, upon ejaculation, one must roll the spouse onto her front and engage in a crossface. This must be timed to perfection, so that when ejaculation occurs, your spouse shrieks in pain and taps out. When performed right, unmatched pleasure will occur. This is best not to be practiced during a threesome, as during the crossface struggle, your spouse may tag in the third member of the party, who will unleash havoc on you. This must only be applied on a real woman, as this procedure is not for the feint of hearted.
Hey Jason, Cassandra told me she has a stiff neck! what happened last night?

Man she was being lazy, so i gave her the donkey crossface! Bitchin'
by Trashy Poo! February 15, 2010
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The act of slapping someone across the face with a handful of your semen. Variations include the Double Celtic Crossface, the Reverse Celtic Crossface, the Celtic Crossface Bitch Slap, the Celtic Uppercut, and the Celtic Gumbo Crossface, among others.
The Celtic Crossface Tom delivered sounded like a shotgun blast, and left a red hand print on Dana's cheek for three days!
by he7879 May 1, 2011
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While receiving a blowjob, you grab the girls head and give her an intense crossface with your erect penis. This is used to inflict pain on the bitch, not to make her happy so go all out
I didn't think she was giving me her best sucking, so I decided to just give her a Cambodian Crossface until she learned her lesson
by felatio fedelio January 23, 2008
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