Hector was doing donuts last night in his Mustang, but ended up doing a Cronut into a telephone pole.
by WG Justin February 26, 2015
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a deep fried and glazed croissant aka a mix between a donut and a croissant
Liia: Hey, what are those delectable looking glazed, buttery pastries over thurr?
Nush: Well duhhh, they're cronuts!
*and the fattyness begins
by lush (liia + nush) March 25, 2007
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Bob: so I heated you got lucky with Sarah last night

Joe: sure did. Got the ultimate surprise too
Bob: no shit! A cronut hole?!?!!
Joe: you know it Bob. Best part is that you get to see just how many layers that ass really has.
by Gorge George May 31, 2019
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