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the worst village you could live in. located in northeast wisconsin, population of about 1,000. it's like a blackhole, you can never leave. there's one grocery market, and some clothing stores, unless you want granny dresses. the closest mall is 30 minutes away, and i doubt you want that crap. strangly enough, crivitz has alot of tourists. crivitz is also infested by rapists, fat people, and druggies. heroine has just arrived at crivitz highschool, get it while it lasts!
Let's go to that shitty village, Crivitz!
okay, lets go! i heard they have drugs!
by a person who lives here April 23, 2011
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Your fucking that bitch missionary style. And just before you loose your nut, you slipped out from the wetness and in the re-entry you aim low and end up in the back door. Yelling, "CRIVITZ!"
We accidentally found ourselves going south and ended up in the mud in crivitz.
by Crivitz muff wrangler September 18, 2011
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