The left side.

The Bloods often "wear" their colors by sticking a red bandanna in their right back pocket. Therefore, the Crips (who are a rival gang) would consider the sporting of a blue "flag" on the opposite side of the Bloods to be the "Crip Side."

A term popularized by Snoop Dogg in his song "Drop It Like It's Hot."
"I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Crip side"
by jiaflu November 26, 2007
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Yes the left side is the crip side.It is also the Cobra,Folks Incorporated,G.D,and Young Guns side.These gangs are known as the "Folk" sect.They all dress to the left side,pitchforks up and use the 6 point star.Colors are blacc,blue,and green.The other most popular sect is known as the "People".They dress to the right side.This sect includes slobs vickie lousLatin Kings,etc.Glad to have straightened that out for the ignorant person jay who obviously knows jack shit about gangs.look at his definition of crip side.
I woke up one morning and since I am a crip after my shower I hand to put rubberbands on my left wrist,a blue bandana around my left ankle,turn my fitted hat so the brim was over my left ear,and last but not least:hang a blue flag out my baccside,but only on the left side, yeah thats the crip side.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit December 21, 2004
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Almost none of ya kno what you're talkin about. I bet none of ya are even from L.A. I grew up in the 90's when it was really poppin off, way more than ya'll today, and there weren't all these fake ideas about rippin and slobbin. 52 Hoover is named after 52nd st and Hoover St. Back then on the streets we just called them hoova or hoova deuce or hoova five deuce. They were the first real anybody killers. In L.A Crips almost always were the flag on the left side the crip side . Those talkin bout the 6 and 5, that ish came from Chi-town first with the GDs and the VLs. I bet most of ya think that Piru is called that cuz its crip backwards too. All of ya now have added these extra ish that are supposed to have meaning and ish. Bacc then we didn't have none of that. You were in L.A and where U lived and what color you are, decided which hood you rep. Yea it started to spread all about cuz of Cs and Bs moving to new cities. My best homie's dad was OG from Grape Street, but he moved out of Jordan farther south. And other OGs did the same so our hood, south of Compton had a bunch Grapestreeters. Crips don't die, we multiply. Crip or die.
I wear my flag on the left side, the crip side
by L.A Nate December 13, 2018
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Not all crip's bang to tha left homiez. I know for a fact that Gangsta Disciples an 52 Hoova Crips bang to tha right. I been bangin for 7 years so I kno my shit homie. Crips bang to certain sides because of an event that happend with one of our King's. I'm not puttin 360 on here an spittin our knowledge cuzz i'm not fake but man tha left is Blood side too. Snoop is not the leading expert on Crips an they knowledge. Snoop aint even a Hoova so shit he cant tell us which side is tha' true Crip Side, Anyways Crip's diddnt bang to a siad until they started populating prisons. There are Crips that bang to the left obviously but not all of them.
"Say homie I bang to tha right side cuzzin, and thats tha real side. Right Side, Crip Side; Right Side or no Side nigga"
by Blue April 17, 2005
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The only side, made official cy Tookie out of respect for his home coy from the south side Crips who always wore a clue flag, clue shirt, clue chucks and always hung his flag out of his left poccet.
hat to the left, flag out the left poccet, bKangin Crip Side
by SixOwe The NoodleKnocker June 22, 2009
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