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This word can be used to describe someone who is acting crazy and/or silly. Someone who is high on life, being outrageous, or being just plain weird. Someone is being "crilly" when they are being so off the wall you're either speachless or you can think of no other way to describe how they are acting.
Zip - "Bear Clit.."
Pip - "Zip.. you are Crilly!"
by Zip's Pip January 10, 2009
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Crilly is an adjective used to describe a person or thing that is totally awesome in all facets of life. Someone who is Crilly will often be the cool person you work with in your office and gives out fun things like gummy bears and bagels. Mistreating someone who is Crilly or their gummy bears (not advised) could result in silent treatment and other terrible things.
Worker 1: "Yo, that chick is like #1 MVP status fo sho"

Worker 2: "No doubt. She's so Crilly."
by SadSalesman November 25, 2008
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A short abbreviation of crystals (THC) - found on marijuana.

"dude, that weed is "crilly"
That marijuana is covered in crillys!
by purdy65 September 24, 2016
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That feeling you get when you think of something that makes you shudder, usually something physical like an operation or accident to the physical form
"Ooh, thinking about them chopping you open makes me go all crilly"
by Kipper Fillets January 10, 2004
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someone who is emotionally unstable and cannot decide if he was brought up by breandan stern or jason manne... this person often likes to wear shirts that brings out their colour fo their eyes.
hey who's that gay guy who's trying to teach history and thinks he was brought up by two students? Oh him, well thats Crilly.
by u know who hehehee July 01, 2003
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