Your teammates in amongus unless your sus 😱
I’m a crewmate no imposters here just crewmates
by L4d dude lul September 1, 2021
An uncommon species that has been seen on the planet Polus, but has also been known to stow away on airships and hide in space stations and the Amogus Headquarters. Keeps its venting secret. Its main food source is the tears of dead Lesser Task-Doing Crewmates, not to be confused with Lesser Task-Faking Crewmates. It seems to pretend to be one of its food source, and then it seems to kill them when nobody is watching. Its weakness is lava, asphyxiation, G-force, and being found out to be the Imposter. Mating ritual: killing its mate before they can have children. Very inefficient.
I'm totally not a Greater Venting Crewmate!!!!
by EmogusalDamager November 23, 2022
Some bitch who demanded someone put him here
Red Crewmate is such a bitch. Can’t he do this himself?
by RapierEnbyDumbass November 18, 2020
Some bitch from twitter that wanted someone to do this
I can’t believe Red Crewmate is demanding someone do this. How lame. He should do it himself”
by RapierEnbyDumbass November 18, 2020