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A creepy face you pull when you gate crash a photo to freak the hell of a person. The facial expression is usually representative of a serial killer or someone who's preys on the weak.
Yo Jez you just creep faced the fuck outta that photo!
by R.G.C.J December 30, 2013
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The end result of being in the "Full-Nelson" hold by someone stronger than you for a prolonged period of time. Creep face is easily recognizable due to the fact that the victims face turns a nice shade of purple. The word was originally put to use to describe this condition and its resemblance to "creep" in the game of Starcraft.
"mike had creep face for a week after Jason assaulted him"

"hey, remember that week that Mike had Creep Face?" "That was great."

"Dude, if it happens again, Ill call my mom and then she will come, you dont treat me like that."
by The Jason Sensation January 08, 2005
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