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National Crate Day is an unofficial holiday in New Zealand held on the first Saturday of summer every year to celebrate the weather warming up by sharing a crate of beer with your mates , whacking some meat on the barbie, playing some highly competitive backyard cricket, and listening to The Rock radio station VERY LOUDLY.

It's easy to participate in Carte Day but all Crate Day supporters must abide the 10 Commandments of National Crate Day. They're like laws, but more important...

COMMANDMENT #1: Thou shall begin at midday.
COMMANDMENT #2: Thou shall listen to The Rock Crate Day Hundy
COMMANDMENT #3: Thou shall wear thy stubbies and thy singlet
COMMANDMENT #4: Thou shall support thy Crate of Origin
COMMANDMENT #5: Thou shalt not toss any salad.
COMMANDMENT #6: Thou shall respect thy neighbour.
COMMANDMENT #7: Thou only beef that shall attend National Crate Day is thy beef for thy BBQ
COMMANDMENT #8: Thou shall look out for thy mates, even Dave
COMMANDMENT #9: Don’t let’th the sun get thy best of you and your provisions

COMMANDMENT #10: Thou shall always keep rules 1-9 top of mind, to ensure we continue The Rock National Crate Day legacy for centuries to come.
"Pop down to the bottle-o and get me some Steinlagers for Dave's Crate Day BBQ on your way"

"I hate being an Aucklander on Crate Day, Lion Red tastes like dog piss"
by NewZealandIsntReal November 06, 2015
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