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A medical condition where a moronic person has their Cranium lodged/inserted through their own Rectal cavity. The Cranium can get as far as the end of the Duodenum, which has been cited in a number of cases. Often, the condition is rendered temporarily, but sometimes the disorder can be lifelong and permanent. When treated, the patient may need the Perineum sutured from the initial Cranial penetration of the Rectal orifice.
Many people with Cranial Rectal Syndrome live their lives oblivious to the fact that they have the condition. Early prevention is vital. Talk to your doctor today if you think you may present any symptoms CRS.
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An advanced form of cognitive dissonance where a person's head is actually so far up their own ass that it reemerges from their own mouth thus creating a black hole of ignorance and hypocrisy devoid of reason or logic.
Trump supporters must suffer from cranial - rectal syndrome because they seem to not understand their own hypocrisy.
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by Grimmnevil June 08, 2017
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