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When a trans person realizes that they are trans.
Person 1: You know, after looking at Egg_IRL, I realized I'm trans.
Person 2: So you have a cracking egg?
by a guy named Hashbrown March 27, 2022
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The act of unloading ones sack onto a woman's face
"What does cracking eggs mean?" James Marriott asked
"Oh damn, I've never even been near a woman"
by James Please Marry Me October 20, 2020
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Acting or speaking proactively in a manner that can draw scorn or offense.
Fred's drinking is getting out of control. I'm going to have to start cracking eggs around here.
by Chris Retallack November 20, 2006
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Busting or having busted a hot, creamy load of man juice.
Roger pounded Gabby's wet snatch relentlessly until he spun her around and cracked eggs in her gaping mouth.
by Eaton Holgoode April 29, 2015
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Busting an early morning nut. Laying your jizz ropes all over yourself, the bed or your partner through sex or masturbation.
She wanted some fresh cracked eggs so I roped her titties up good.
by Eaton Holgoode February 2, 2018
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a baby who will be born under a high risk pregnany (a mother is 35 or older), and therefore has a higher chance of being special
"She's pregnant! How old is she?"
"SHe's 42"
"Oh man, that's going to be a cracked egg baby"
by Jochow May 7, 2007
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"Man, all of the sudden, my man wanted to get all cozy and I was just interested in cracking a egg with him."

"Keep going! I'm getting ready to crack an egg!"
by Mikey DaLux January 14, 2009
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