a "correct" shot; someone who is skilled at shooting; a good shot; a good shooter
That girl shot ten out of ten targets and hit every shot perfectly. She's a crack shot when it comes to target shooting!
Etymology, Origins: "Crack" has been interpreted from the word "CORRECT" over the years.
by grace given May 29, 2018
The nickname given to a skilled marksman who has a very quick fire time between the time he draws his weapon (usually a sidearm pistol) from the holster and the time he fires it accuretly. This term was moreso used in the old days when you challenge people to duels and in the wild west.
Wow, John's pull-time is .9 and he has headshots across the board...hes definetly a crack shot
by werd_chester September 12, 2006
A hazing ritual whereby the person being hazed is forced to prop a beer cup under the bare ass of his fellow hazee. The hazer would then pour a beer or shot etc down the ass crack of the bent over third party, whereby the drinker waits until all of the liquid has accumulated in his cup. Once all of the drops are in the cup, the hazee then proceeds to down the 'crack shot' in one long pull.
Man, I had to do a crack shot last night in order to get intiated into the Sig Ep house.
by Fooch October 4, 2006